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Protect your rights as an injured worker in St. Louis, Missouri with the help of an experienced attorney. The workplace accident attorneys at Goldblatt + Singer are available to discuss your options after suffering a work-related injury or losing a loved one in an occupational accident. We have decades of experience handling these types of claims throughout Missouri and wish to extend our assistance to clients from all industries and backgrounds who suffer serious or catastrophic injuries while on the job. Contact our team today to request your free, confidential workplace accident consultation in our St. Louis office.

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    Missouri Occupational Injury and Illness Statistics

    It is up to every employer to ensure the safety of its workers by obeying federal and state laws, adhering to employment regulations and providing employees with safety gear and training. Failure to fulfill all applicable duties as an employer can result in deadly preventable accidents. While work-related injuries can happen at any workplace, some industries and environments put workers at greater risk of injury and illness than others. Here’s what the latest reports say about workplace accidents and injuries in Missouri in 2016:

    • Private industry recorded 52,700 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses with 12,450 cases requiring missed time at work. The average length of missed work was eight days.
    • The job titles with the greatest numbers of workplace injuries in 2016 were truck drivers, laborers and freight movers, light truck/delivery truck drivers, nursing assistants, general maintenance and repair workers.
    • The top occupational accident type in Missouri was “overexertion” with 32%, followed by slip and falls (31%), contact with objects and equipment (25%), and transportation accidents (6%).
    • The most common injuries in Missouri were sprains, strains, and tears (40%); bruises and contusions (12%); general pain or soreness (10%); bone fractures (10%); cuts or lacerations (8%); and other (20%).
    • In 2016, 124 Missouri employees passed away from their occupational injuries or illnesses. The clear majority (115) of these fatalities were in private industry, while the other nine were in government jobs.

    The three most dangerous industries in Missouri according to accident statistics are agriculture, transportation and construction. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in these occupations or others in Missouri, you’re not alone. Hundreds of others have been in the same position as you’re in today. Hope for the future exists. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family after a workplace accident is to call a workplace injury lawyer to discuss your rights.St. Louis Workplace Accident Lawyer image 2

    Explore Your Options After a Workplace Accident in St. Louis

    You might be one of the thousands of workers who knowingly put their lives on the line for the betterment of the community every day, such as a firefighter, police officer or construction worker. You might also be an unsuspecting office worker who is suddenly in the hospital after a harmful slip and fall accident. Whatever the case, know that you have rights as an injured employee.

    Your first outlet for financial recovery may be through the state’s workers’ compensation program. Workers’ compensation provides restitution for an employee’s accident-related medical costs, disability and two-thirds lost wages without the worker having to prove anyone’s negligence. In exchange, however, a worker gives up his or her right to file a personal injury claim against an employer.

    It’s important to explore all your options with a workplace accident lawyer before deciding which to take. Workers’ compensation might be the easier route, but it might not be the best choice for your situation. You may also have the right to recovery through two or more outlets in Missouri. Always talk to a workplace injury attorney before deciding which is right for you. Our initial workplace accident consultations in St. Louis are always free. Call (314) 888-1000 to schedule yours today.

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