Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Lawsuit

Aqueous Film Forming Foam, often known as AFFF, has been used to put out fires for many years by both civilian and military fire departments. Multiple groups used AFFF firefighting foam in both real-world fires and training scenarios. Unfortunately, many AFFF-derived substances can accumulate in the body over time. These harmful substances can significantly raise your risk of contracting several serious and life-threatening diseases, such as cancer.Firefighter using aqueous film forming foam to put out a fuel fire, exemplifying the need for an aqueous film forming foam lawsuit lawyer.

You may be eligible to launch an AFFF firefighting foam lawsuit against negligent manufacturers, including Tyco, 3M, Dupont, and others, if you were diagnosed with cancer or another ailment after being exposed to firefighting foam.

We at Goldblatt + Singer, the St. Louis Injury Law Firm, are committed to assisting victims who have suffered from serious diseases due to exposure to AFFF foam in obtaining just compensation for their injuries. Contact us immediately to find out more about your legal options after receiving a cancer diagnosis linked to AFFF exposure. For a free consultation, please contact Goldblatt + Singer online or call an Aqueous Film Forming Foam attorney toll-free at (844) 478-5529.

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF): What Is It?

Aqueous Film Forming Foam, also known as AFFF, aids in forming a shield that smothers fires that water by itself cannot douse. It contains PFAS—perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances—chemicals that aid in putting out the fire. Despite the established cancer dangers, these compounds sometimes appear in firefighting foams.

When it was created, AFFF assisted in quicker fire suppression than other techniques. Unfortunately, the risks could outweigh any potential benefits, particularly if the chemicals seep into the groundwater or flow off into surrounding land, which could pose significant concerns to locals.

Goldblatt + Singer firefighting foam cancer attorneys are currently looking into complaints made against the following AFFF producers:

  • Company 3M
  • Fire Products by Tyco
  • Kidde Fire Fighting by Chemguard
  • Buckeye Fire Tools
  • Dupont
  • Fire Chubb
  • Chemours Corporation

Remember that this is not a complete list. We will look into any complaints made against a producer of firefighting foam currently on the market. Please contact our law office to arrange a free consultation and case review if you or a loved one worked as a firefighter and then developed cancer.

How and What Issues Might AFFF Foam Cause?

Chemicals used to put out fires can link to blood proteins in the human body and stay there for a long time. These substances are not biodegradable and may take thousands of years to be removed from soil and groundwater. Many firefighters have high levels of up to nine distinct fluorinated chemicals in their blood due to contact with AFFF foam.

Each of these substances has the potential to significantly raise the risk of cancer, including:

  • Renal cancer
  • Cancer of the pancreas
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Liver tumor
  • Lymphomas
  • Leukemia
  • Breast Cancer
  • Urethral cancer
  • And more

Additionally, exposure to AFFF and its compounds can harm the kidneys.

It may be difficult to avoid when battling fires directly since firefighters can inhale these substances through inhalation, skin contact, or oral absorption.

Who Is Liable for AFFF Use When Filing a Lawsuit in St. Louis?

Many businesses using AFFF, including neighborhood fire departments, might not have known much about the possible negative impacts of those substances. On the other hand, the businesses that make those fire suppression devices may have known the risks for a long time. Yet, despite knowing this, these companies did nothing to protect the public, including the firefighters who risked their lives to help put out the fires and save lives and property.

For individuals who experienced significant diagnoses and symptoms due to their AFFF exposure, Goldblatt + Singer is seeking justice. In addition, we are investigating complaints, assessing the difficulties suffered by those who have dealt with those diagnoses, and pursuing legal action, against the businesses that created and distributed AFFF for fire suppression.

The Perilous Effects of PFAS in Firefighting Foam

Due to their inability to decompose, PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl compounds) have been dubbed “forever chemicals” and have drawn significant attention recently. It may take years for PFAS to degrade, if at all. There is strong scientific evidence connecting PFAS exposure to kidney, prostate, thyroid, ovary, or endometrial cancers, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, pancreas, leukemia, and other forms of cancer. Additionally, thyroid problems and immune system alterations have been related to PFAS exposure from AFFF firefighting foam.


PFAS chemicals typically end up in the soil, eventually contaminating the local water supply. Once more, PFAS compounds do not naturally degrade over time. In consequence, remediating PFAS pollution has turned out to be very expensive for a municipality. Because they drink and bathe in contaminated water, people who live nearby are frequently exposed to these harmful substances and known carcinogens. Foams containing PFAS were often utilized on our military stations for many years to put out fires caused by combustible liquids. Foam for battling these fires that contain PFAS has long been regarded as the industry standard.

According to research published by the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), close to 900 discharges of AFFF firefighting foam into different U.S. rivers have occurred. The E.P.A. has recorded 897 incidents of pollutants entering our water sources. The extent to which harmful substances and known carcinogens have contaminated our water supplies is unknown.

How to Get the Compensation You Deserve Through an AFFF Lawsuit

Contact a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after being exposed to AFFF and receiving a cancer diagnosis that is related to the exposure. A Goldblatt + Singer mass tort lawyer can give you an overview of the compensation you may be entitled to and the appropriate parties to contact for compensation. Most personal injury lawsuits contain the same fundamental components, including claims for cancer brought on by AFFF exposure.

Medical Expenses

Any personal injury claim must include your medical expenses; with a cancer diagnosis, those expenses can mount quickly. Many cancer patients must undergo multiple operations and extended hospital stays. In addition, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy can be required.

Palliative care is frequently sought after by sufferers as it aims to reduce their symptoms and increase their comfort during treatment. As part of your personal injury claim, you are entitled to reimbursement for the medical costs associated with your cancer treatments.

Lost Income

Some cancer patients are forced to take a temporary leave of absence from work. While some cancer patients can continue to work part-time while receiving treatment, others may find it impossible to balance their treatments with continuing to work full-time. If you have a protracted battle against cancer, your missed wages can keep piling up as you go along. Some employers will let you go to part-time work while you receive treatment, but you might lose a significant portion of your regular pay during those times. You may recover compensation for your lost wages due to your AFFF-related illness. 

Pain and Suffering

During their treatments, cancer patients endure a considerable amount of discomfort. Numerous cancers not only result in significant pain on their own, but they can also result in additional suffering for the patient due to the therapies. In addition, due to the weariness brought on by their cancer or cancer treatments, many victims also suffer from missing out on much-anticipated activities and events. As they undergo therapy, victims may also have to deal with losing connections since they do not have the time or energy to connect with friends and loved ones. Speak with a lawyer about how to include the suffering you endured as a result of your diagnosis in your lawsuit.

You become seriously ill as a result of your exposure to AFFF. A cancer diagnosis can alter and restrict the remainder of the lives of many individuals. Cancer can often result in mortality, especially if it develops to an advanced stage before diagnosis. For the losses you sustained, you should receive compensation. If you have received a severe diagnosis due to your exposure to AFFF, speak with Goldblatt + Singerr to learn more about your legal entitlement to compensation.

How a St. Louis AFFF Cancer Lawyer Can Help You

By working with a skilled personal injury attorney, you can pursue the compensation you are entitled to for any form of personal injury claim, including claims relating to a cancer diagnosis as a result of AFFF exposure.

A lawyer can:

  • Aid in the comprehension of your legal entitlement to compensation. How much financial compensation following a cancer diagnosis may you receive? Should you file a class action lawsuit or go after damages on your own? What should you do if the manufacturer of AFFF offers you a settlement that you don’t feel is adequate? Following major health issues connected to AFFF exposure, legal counsel can assist you in making decisions that will safeguard your financial future and legal rights. 
  • Battle for you. You may need legal representation to fight for just compensation in many instances. Attorneys frequently get a better response from businesses than complaints from people. In addition, a lawyer can assist you in pursuing your claim in court, if necessary, and fighting tenaciously for the payment you are due. Additionally, a lawyer can advise you on when to accept a settlement offer and the potential effects on your financial future. 
  • Reduce tension and provide peace of mind during the legal process. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, you already have more than enough to worry about. As you file a lawsuit following your diagnosis, an attorney can assist in giving you peace of mind. You don’t have to concentrate on those aspects of the legal process; you may leave it in your lawyer’s hands. Working closely with an accomplished personal injury lawyer allows many patients to discover and frees them up to cope with their rehabilitation and the associated difficulties instead of concentrating on legal issues. 
  • Claim for personal injury. An attorney may assist you with gathering evidence and pursuing a personal injury claim for compensation. To preserve the integrity of your claim, gather all medical bills associated with your cancer diagnosis and treatment, including those for any surgeries you had done, follow-up doctor appointments, testing, and cancer therapies. Throughout your treatment, keep a record of every medical cost you pay. Additionally, your lawyer might advise you to add the costs of any durable medical equipment you utilized throughout your illness and, if necessary, the in-home care prices during your treatments. 
  • They can help you gather proof that you were exposed to AFFF. A lawyer can assist you in gathering evidence of your AFFF exposure, including how frequently you might have encountered exposure due to your prompt, timely actions in putting out a fire. An attorney may help you answer questions such as: Where did you get exposed to AFFF? Did you hold a position as a firefighter in an airport, on a Navy post, or in a fire department, and in which setting did you obtain exposure? Did chemicals in groundwater that you ingested or were exposed to over time cause your AFFF exposure? Your attorney may help you gather sufficient evidence to link your injuries to AFFF exposure, thereby making you potentially eligible for compensation. 

I Didn’t Work as a Firefighter, Yet I Was Exposed to AFFF. Can I Still File a Lawsuit?

The short answer is that you can file an aqueous film forming foam lawsuit even if you didn’t work as a firefighter.

You must provide proof of AFFF exposure at some point to bring a claim over AFFF exposure and a cancer diagnosis. If you reside close to a base airfield, you may be able to prove that this chemical was frequently used nearby. Additional investigation into your neighborhood may help determine when and why you were exposed to AFFF.

Additionally, a lawyer might be able to assist you in pinpointing specific instances when surrounding firefighters used AFFF to put out fires. You might also decide to have the water in your area analyzed because it might show signs of exposure to AFFF. Even if you did not work as a firefighter, you should speak with a lawyer if you think you have a case involving AFFF exposure.

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