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St. Louis Uber Accident Lawyer

Safeguard your rights as an Uber driver or passenger in St. Louis by retaining a top Uber accident attorney for your auto accident claim. After an Uber accident, call Goldblatt + Singer to speak to lawyers who care. We are passionate about protecting Uber passenger rights in Missouri and know how to litigate these claims to our clients’ best advantage. We can help you fight for fair compensation from Uber or another rideshare company after a harmful collision. Contact our firm in St. Louis for more information about your potential claim.

How Do Uber Accident Claims Work?

Uber accidents are very different from typical car crashes in St. Louis. Instead of dealing with an individual driver, you’re dealing with a company and one of its independent contractors. Your first goal after an Uber accident should be to seek medical attention for any personal injuries. Taking care of yourself is the first step toward a successful recovery. Then, you should begin to analyze your situation with help from an attorney. The average Uber accident claim can involve any of the following factors:

  • Company liability. If Uber was negligent in some way that contributed to the crash, such as hiring a driver with a background of drunk driving, you could have a personal injury claim against the company itself.
  • Driver liability. Since Uber drivers are independent contractors and not employees in Missouri, Uber escapes vicarious liability for the actions of its drivers. You may be able to hold the individual driver liable for negligence after a crash.
  • Third-party liability. Another driver causing your Uber accident could give you the right to seek damage recovery through his/her vehicle insurance. Other third parties who may share fault for your accident include the government and an auto part producer.

An Uber insurance claim can be a difficult feat to undertake as an injured passenger. Uber’s $1 million in personal injury liability insurance will only cover drivers and passengers in certain situations, according to the stage of the ride at which the crash occurred. If the driver has logged into the Uber app, Uber will cover personal injuries and property damages up to a certain maximum. If you’re in another vehicle and an off-duty Uber driver crashes into you, you likely cannot file a claim with Uber’s insurance. As a passenger, however, Uber will always cover your damages.

For a more in-depth explanation of Uber’s policies and regulations, speak to a St. Louis Uber accident attorney.

Do You Need an Uber Accident Attorney in St. Louis?

At Goldblatt + Singer, we don’t charge anything for initial consultations. We never charge up-front fees. We take new claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t make our clients pay our Uber collision attorney’s fees unless we win them monetary awards. We do everything we can to make legal representation affordable and rewarding for injured Uber accident victims. Why? Because we know how hard Uber often tries to escape liability, and how critical legal help can be in winning serious injury claims in Missouri.

Unless you have a legal background, you won’t want to go up against Uber’s insurance claims adjusters on your own. After a collision with an Uber driver, the company’s insurer will contact you and request more information about the crash. Once you file a claim with the insurer, you might face a series of questions from the claims adjuster. The adjuster’s job is to get you to say yes to a fast, low-ball settlement offer. Resist the urge to agree to the first (or even what the agent claims are the final) insurance settlement offer. Instead, contact an Uber crash lawyer at Goldblatt + Singer early in the process to protect you or your loved one.

If you suffered serious or catastrophic injuries, Uber’s insurance company is denying your claim, or you don’t feel confident in your abilities to negotiate a fair settlement, contact us. We have everything you need for a successful Uber accident claim in St. Louis. Learn more about your case for free when you call (314) 888-1000.

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