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Rear end accidents are not uncommon when you’re on the road. They often occur when drivers are distracted, driving too aggressively or simply being reckless. However, the rear driver is responsible for driving a safe and manageable distance behind the car in front of it. If you sustained an injury in a rear end accident, you deserve compensation. Speak to one of our St. Louis car accident lawyers today.

Though rear-end accidents are common, the injuries of the cars’ occupants can be quite serious. Injuries sustained may include:

In the vast majority of cases, the person in the rear vehicle is found at fault, but that is not always the case. Our attorneys have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies, whose intentions are not always in your best interest. Keep in mind that insurance companies may offer low-ball settlements shortly after your accident. It’s important to never sign any paperwork while still in the hospital or before consulting a lawyer.

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Since 1949, Goldblatt + Singer has recovered more than $400 million for over 25,000 clients in the Midwest. We have significant experience with cases involving big insurance companies and we have recovered multiple settlements over one million dollars for our clients. We’re ready to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

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