St. Louis Retail Store Accident Lawyer

No one expects to be injured while they’re out shopping. But when you combine the high amount of shoppers in large retail stores and hazardous conditions like spills, there’s no wonder that accidents occur. If you or a loved one were recently injured in a shopping mall accident, contact Goldblatt + Singer today. Our dedicated retail store accident attorneys are standing by to help.

Store Owner Responsibilities in St. Louis

Owners, managers and employees are required to keep their stores safe. When a potentially dangerous situation occurs, they must do everything they can to fix it. And while they’re fixing it, they need to warn their customers. If you’ve been injured in a store where you were carelessly put in harm’s way, you deserve compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.

The Most Common Retail Hazards in Missouri

Some of the most common causes of retail store accidents include:

  • Wet floors caused by spills
  • Shelves overloaded with merchandise
  • Slippery walkways due to snow and ice
  • Parking lots that are poorly lit
  • Broken railings

Contact Our Retail Store Injury Attorneys

Experienced law firms help hold property owners and managers accountable for their negligence. They fight for the injured, making sure they receive the compensation they deserve. If you’ve experienced a retail accident, contact us today. We have 65 years of experience in premises liability law and the expertise to help you build the strongest case possible.

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