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A good attorney can make a world of difference after suffering personal injuries in a taxi accident. If a St. Louis taxi struck you as a bicyclist or pedestrian, caused your accident as a driver of another vehicle or got into an accident while you were a passenger, contact Goldblatt + Singer for legal assistance. You could be eligible for significant compensation to cover your medical bills, past and future pain and suffering, property damage and lost wages. Let us help you fight for maximum financial recovery. Request a free, confidential case review with our taxi accident lawyers today.

Liability for St. Louis Taxi Accidents

One of the most common questions we receive from taxi crash victims is, “Who will pay for my damages?” The legal term for this is “liability.” Missouri is an at-fault state, meaning you must determine fault and then seek damage recovery through the at-fault party’s insurer. The person liable, or legally responsible, for your taxi accident damages, is the same party that caused the accident. Taxicab claims are different from standard auto accident suits, however, because they involve companies and their employees. Potential parties that might owe you for your injuries include:

  • The taxicab company. Missouri law will hold the taxi company accountable for an accident if it or one of its employees caused or contributed to the crash. Negligent hiring and training procedures, failing to run a background check on a driver, improper fleet vehicle maintenance or repairs, irresponsible business protocols, and taxi driver mistakes such as distracted driving or drunk driving will typically point to company liability.
  • Another driver. If another driver on the road collided with your taxi while you were riding as a passenger, the at-fault driver could be the party you turn to for damage compensation. All drivers in the state of Missouri must carry adequate vehicle insurance. Seek damage compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurer before turning to other sources, such as your own insurance company or that of the cab company.
  • A product manufacturer. If a defective auto part caused your wreck, you and others involved in the crash may have grounds for a claim against the product manufacturer. For example, you might have a product liability claim if a taxi’s brakes failed while on the Eads Bridge, resulting in a rear-end collision.
  • The city of St. Louis. St. Louis’ streets and crosswalks may be to blame for a taxicab collision if they contain defects or hazards that make them unreasonably dangerous for pedestrians and motorists. Potholes, roadway construction, poorly designed intersections and malfunctioning traffic lights are all examples of defects that could result in city liability for a cab crash.

Most taxi accidents in St. Louis will come down to company liability. It is a taxi company’s legal obligation to ensure the safety of its passengers. This includes conducting driver background checks and taking care of vehicles to prevent accidents. Failure to fulfill required duties of care as a taxi company, resulting in a preventable accident, could give victims the right to file claims against the company itself.

If you’re not sure who you should hold liable for your taxi collision, speak to one of our taxi accident lawyers today. We will analyze your case and tell you who is at fault for your injuries.

Don’t Go Up Against a St. Louis Taxi Company Alone

As the plaintiff in a taxi personal injury claim, you will have to prove that the defendant was negligent in some way that caused your accident. You will need proof that the cab driver or company owed you a duty of care, breached this duty, caused the accident and caused your injuries. You may also need to defend yourself against a claim that you shared fault for the incident.

To prove the other party’s fault and the value of your damages, you will need to gather the proper evidence. The hard-hitting taxi collision lawyers at Goldblatt + Singer can achieve these goals for you, placing you in a position to best stake your claim to compensation. We know all the elements you’ll need for a successful insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit in St. Louis. Start your legal journey with a free taxi accident review at our office.

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