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St. Louis Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction companies and property owners must make sure their construction sites aren’t dangerous for workers, pedestrians, and bystanders. When they don’t, the results can be tragic, including catastrophic injuries and even wrongful death. When an accident like that occurs, those who are responsible for maintaining the safety of the construction site may be liable.

Were you recently injured near a construction site? If so, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact the accomplished St. Louis construction accident lawyers at Goldblatt + Singer today. We are here to help make the claims process easy and efficient.

The Most Common Construction-Related Injuries in St. Louis

Back injuries: This is one of the most common injuries because it can be caused by so many different things, including repetitive motion, falls, falling objects and more.

Burns: When working in construction, employees may face hazardous conditions like explosions and fires.

Fractured and broken bones: A worker can break a bone in a number of ways, including falling from a height, being hit by a falling object, being involved in a heavy machinery accident, etc.

Spinal cord injuries: Most typically caused by a fall from a dangerous height, this type of injury is catastrophic and a full recovery may not be possible.

Scaffolding Accidents are the #1 Cause of Accidents

Falls from scaffolding are by far the most common type of accident in the construction industry. Due to the high volume of these accidents, most states have their own scaffolding laws, which are meant to reflect federal scaffolding law. To learn more about federal scaffolding law, visit OSHA construction scaffolding standards.

Contact A Construction Accident Lawyer

If you’re involved in an accident on a construction site, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. However, your employer or insurance provider may make it hard for you to get the compensation you deserve That’s why you should you contact a construction accident attorney. They can guide you through your case, fight on your behalf and make sure that you’re not denied your rightful compensation. Contact us today. We’ve recovered over $400 million for our clients and have been practicing since 1949.

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