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The window treatment industry is well aware of the dangerous implications of a looped cord blind. Reports of small children becoming entangled in the cord and being strangled resulted in hundreds of thousands of recalls, yet window companies still cut corners and manufacture products similar in design. Your child’s injuries caused by faulty blinds may result in permanent injury or death.

Our firm has represented injured clients since 1949, long enough to know that reckless manufacturers need to be held liable for defective products. We will work to maximize the recovery for you and your child.

Compensation for Defective Products

Your child’s medical bills and your lost wages can quickly add up and those costs should not be an additional burden on your family. We will stand by you and fight to recover compensation for your family.

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If your family or a family you know has experienced an injury or loss because of defective blinds, call us immediately. We’ve already helped more than 25,000 injured clients. Don’t wait any longer to let us help you with any hardships caused by defective products.

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