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Talk to our reputable workers’ compensation attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri, today at no cost or obligation. Goldblatt + Singer offers free initial case reviews over the phone, through email, or in person at our St. Louis office. We will listen to your story and evaluate your recent work-related accident, then let you know if we believe we could help your case. Our assistance might be exactly what you need to maximize your workers’ compensation benefits and expedite your claim.

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    How to File a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Claim

    In Missouri, you qualify for workers’ compensation if your employer has this type of insurance. By law, all employers with five or more employees must carry workers’ comp insurance or self-insure the company. The state law makes a few types of workers exempt, including government employees, agricultural workers and independent contractors. If you qualify for this type of compensation after suffering a work injury, here are the basics of how to file your claim:

    1. Report the injury to your employer. Immediately tell your employer or supervisor about your accident and injuries. You have 30 days to report your injury to qualify for workers’ compensation. Notify your employer in writing with the details of the injury.
    2. File your workers’ compensation claim. Your employer should be able to file your claim on your behalf or walk you through the claims process. You have a limited amount of time to file your official claim with the state workers’ compensation organization.
    3. Prove your injuries. You may need to supply proof of injury by way of medical documentation and records. In general, Missouri workers’ comp will provide benefits for any injury or disease that arises “out of and in the course of employment.”

    Upon completing the investigation of your claim, the insurer for your employer will begin paying your benefits if you are unable to work. Workers’ comp benefits generally reimburse the costs of medical treatment, lost wages and disability expenses. In Missouri, workers can receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage, up to a $911.27 weekly maximum, in workers’ comp benefits.

    Is Workers’ Compensation Your Only Option in St. Louis?

    Workers’ compensation claims aren’t always simple and straightforward. Injured workers may encounter a variety of problems during the filing process, such as an employer that doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance, an employer who fights the claim, an insurance company that denies the claim or benefits that don’t reimburse all your losses. In these special situations, always talk to a workers’ compensation attorney before proceeding. A lawyer’s assistance can protect you from insurance bad faith, employer retaliation and other issues.

    A workers’ compensation attorney can also help you explore your options outside the state workers’ compensation system. While workers’ comp presents an easy way to get benefits without having to prove a liability case, it might limit a worker’s ability to recover financially. If your employer caused your accident through an act of negligence, for example, a personal injury claim could result in greater recovery for your losses. For instance, a personal injury lawsuit could grant significant compensation for past and future pain and suffering, emotional distress and full lost wages.

    In addition, if a coworker, product manufacturer or other third party caused your accident, you could have the right to recover through workers’ compensation and a civil claim. Recovering through both outlets could increase the compensation you receive for your occupational injuries or illness. For injuries that are permanently disabling or disfiguring, obtaining maximum recovery is especially important. Don’t limit yourself to only workers’ compensation. Talk to our St. Louis workers compensation lawyers to fully explore your rights. You may find that you’re eligible for greater compensation than what an insurance agent is offering.

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