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A traumatic brain injury typically happens after a fall, heavy collision, or when a significant amount of impact hits someone’s head. This could occur during truck accidents, car accidents and more. Brain injuries are more often than not life-altering to the victim and their families. If you or a loved one was recently in an accident and obtained a brain injury, contact the brain injury lawyers at Goldblatt + Singer today. We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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    About Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Head and brain injuries can occur when the skull suffers any type of impact. A blow or jolt to the head in an accident, a puncture wound from a criminal attack or motion-related injuries such as shaken baby syndrome can all cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that impact brain function. Brain injuries can also arise from lack of blood or oxygen to the brain. Accidental drowning, anesthesia errors and suffocation can all cause brain injuries. The main categories of head and brain injuries are:

    • Concussion. The most common type of brain injury, concussions stem from direct blows to the head, violent shaking and whiplash injuries. Concussions can cause loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness and confusion.
    • Intracerebral hemorrhaging. Also known as bleeding in the brain. Bleeding or bruises in the brain occur most often from direct impacts to the head. Large bleeds may require surgery to treat.
    • Diffuse axonal. Brain injuries that arise due to extreme forces or motions, not direct impacts. When the brain lags the skull from rotational forces, the brain’s structures can tear and suffer nerve tissue damage.
    • Open head injuries. Penetrating injuries or those that fracture the skull can lead to open head injuries and damage to the brain. Cranial penetration can rupture and shear brain tissues.
    • Hypoxia or anoxia. If something cuts off or affects the brain’s supply of oxygen, it can cause hypoxia (not enough oxygen) or anoxia (no oxygen) in the brain. Lack of oxygen can cause serious, permanent brain damage, coma and death.

    The most common causes of brain injuries are auto accidents, sports-related impacts, slip and fall accidents and physical assaults. No matter what type of brain injury you or a loved one sustained in St. Louis, you deserve to talk to a brain injury attorney. A lawyer can help you understand who or what might have caused the brain injury, as well as who might be legally responsible for your damages. Our legal team can also help you file a brain injury claim against one or more parties in pursuit of compensation.

    The Long-Term Effects of Brain Injuries

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    One of the most serious and life-changing types of catastrophic damages is a traumatic brain injury. Even a serious concussion can have long-term, unexpected effects that create future problems for the victim.

    The signals to the body originate in the brain and the consequences of bruising, injury or permanent damage can include the following:

    • Memory loss
    • Loss of cognitive ability
    • Loss of motion
    • Inability to speak
    • Coma
    • Vegetative state

    Brain injuries require the talent of a brain injury lawyer with the skills to develop an appropriate claim for compensation. The injured victim needs to find an attorney who can evaluate potential economic and non-economic damages which may occur due to a brain injury. A brain injury is one of the most severe types of injuries. You deserve to have all potential costs taken care of and an experienced brain injury attorney can provide you with that help.

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