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Request assistance from Goldblatt + Singer if you or someone you know suffered injuries due to negligent or lax security on a property. Our St. Louis negligent security attorneys can give you legal guidance on how best to pursue financial compensation for damages. During your free case review, you’ll explore your rights as a property visitor or shopper and your potential opportunities for legal action. If we believe you have grounds for a case, we can help you file your claim with the St. Louis civil courts.

What is “Negligent Security” in St. Louis?

After becoming the victim of a violent assault, robbery or other criminal act on someone else’s property, you might assume the only one responsible for your damages is the criminal. While it is generally possible to file a claim against the perpetrator, a third party may also share liability for the incident. If the property owner should have taken reasonable measures to prevent a foreseeable criminal attack, he or she might be legally responsible for the criminal activity. Reasonable security measures can mean a variety of things, including:

  • Installing locks on doors and windows
  • Installing security cameras or lighting
  • Hiring parking lot surveillance teams
  • Conducting background checks on employees
  • Protecting visitors or residents with security guards
  • Responding to requests for enhanced security
  • Posting signs that discourage crime

When deciding whether a property owner was negligent in a property’s security, the Missouri courts will look at what a “reasonable and prudent” owner would have done. The law asks that business owners review a property’s criminal history and surroundings to gauge the possibility of foreseeable crimes. If anything points to a foreseeable crime, it is the property owner’s duty to take action to try to prevent these crimes. Failure to do so, resulting in a preventable attack or crime, is negligence. To learn more about negligent security laws, speak to a negligent security attorney now.

How to Prove Negligent Security in Missouri

As an injured crime victim in Missouri, it is up to your negligent security accident attorney to prove the property owner’s negligence and at least partial fault for the incident. Missouri is a shared fault state, meaning more than one party (including the plaintiff) can be legally responsible for an accident. Assigning fault requires an in-depth investigation into the incident itself, as well as into the property owner’s actions leading up to the event. The plaintiff in a claim must make it clear that the defendant’s negligence was a factor in the crime and resultant damages.

Proving negligence isn’t always easy. The burden of proof rests with the injured party in Missouri. You will need sufficient evidence to prove that the property owner reasonably should have taken additional steps to prevent the incident that injured you. A negligent security lawyer from Goldblatt + Singer can significantly help with proving these claims, gathering evidence against the defendant, hiring subject matter experts and taking other such steps to maximize your odds of success. Trusting the right attorney can make your negligent security claim smoother and simpler.

Trusted St. Louis Negligent Security Attorneys

St. Louis, Missouri, is notorious for its high crime rate. It has a crime index of one on a scale where 100 is the safest. Annual crimes total in the 6,000s for violent crimes and almost 19,000 for property crimes. If you live, work or shop in St. Louis, your safety depends upon the security measures at the locations you visit. In our opinion, a property owner who is negligent in maintaining adequate security is asking for a lawsuit.

Talk to trusted St. Louis negligent security attorneys to find out if you have a claim against a property owner for lack of security. Goldblatt + Singer has been in personal injury law since 1949 and has the experience you need for strong case representation. Learn more about your case during a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our team members. Contact us for your appointment today.

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