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Goldblatt + Singer is the go-to team of attorneys for burn injury claims in St. Louis, Missouri. We put several burn wound attorneys with different strengths in every case, enhancing our ability to handle any type of claim. Whether you suffered burns in a car accident, workplace incident, because of a defective product, or in a house fire, contact us for a free case review. A variety of ways exist to get in touch with our team: We answer clients’ calls, texts, emails, online queries, and welcome walk-ins. Contact us today so we can begin investigating your burn injury case.

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    Burn Injury Laws in Missouri

    It is notoriously difficult to recover from burn injuries. Thermal, chemical, electrical, and radiation burns that damage or kill the skin tissues can take months to heal. Burns often leave physical scarring behind, as well as amputations and disfigurement in the most serious cases. Beyond physical outcomes, burns can also cause significant emotional and psychological trauma. Burns can take weeks to months of hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, and therapy for victims to get back on their feet. Damages relating to a burn injury may include:

    • Medical costs
    • Lost wages from missed time at work
    • Physical pain and emotional suffering
    • Mental anguish
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Lost enjoyment or quality of life
    • Property damages
    • Loss of a loved one’s life
    • Loss of consortium

    The Missouri courts allow burn victims to seek financial recovery for all these damages and more. To qualify for compensation, a burn survivor must show that someone else caused or contributed to the burns through an act of negligence, incompetence, or intent to harm. The burn injury lawyers at Goldblatt + Singer can help with this burden of proof by collecting evidence and piecing together a strong personal injury claim on our client’s behalf. We make St. Louis burn injury claims easy on victims and their families.

    Why Trust Us With Your Burn Injury Claim?

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    At Goldblatt + Singer, our number one goal is to provide outstanding client services. We work hard to make the claims process as simple, straightforward and rewarding for clients as possible. From around-the-clock communication to building real relationships with clients, we exceed expectations for burn injury attorneys in St. Louis. Our hard work pays off – we’ve secured more than $400 million in damages for over 25,000 clients since our founding in 1949. We never settle for less than what we believe our clients deserve.

    When you put your burn injury claim in our hands, you gain access to a wealth of legal resources and first-hand knowledge. Our experience in the field of personal injury law will go to work for you. We can speak directly to insurance companies on your behalf, fighting for fair settlement awards. If necessary, we can even take your case to court with help from our trial-tested attorneys. We don’t limit your rights or opportunities for success. Instead, we help your case get where it needs to go for the best possible outcomes in St. Louis.

    How to Sign Up for a Free Burn Injury Consultation in St. Louis

    Goldblatt + Singer makes setting up a free, no-obligation legal consultation in St. Louis a breeze. Simply call (314) 231-4100 and ask to speak to a burn injury attorney about your recent wounds. Our staff will let you speak directly with a burn injury lawyer or schedule a time that works better. You can also request a free legal consultation online, giving us a few details about your burn injuries, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You’re always welcome to stop by our St. Louis office for your review as well. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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