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St. Louis Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love has recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you know how confusing and stressful the aftermath of a serious accident can be. Injuries suffered in car crashes, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents can be devastating.

Partnering with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney at Goldblatt + Singer vehicle accident attorney to fight for your rights in court can help relieve some of the burdens of this unexpected and unfair situation, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important—recovering.

After suffering any type of auto accident injury, you are probably facing many difficult questions:

  • Should I get an attorney?
  • What can I recover?
  • Who will pay my medical expenses?
  • Will my insurance rates go up?
  • Am I being treated fairly?

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The answers to these questions can be difficult to sort out. Having an experienced Goldblatt + Singer attorney by your side for advice, support and emotional strength will be invaluable to your case and to your peace of mind. Since 1949, we’ve recovered more than $400 million for our injured clients in St. Louis. Call us today to find out what our experience can do for you.

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