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Do you suspect nursing home abuse injured your elderly loved one? You need help from St. Louis, Missouri’s trusted personal injury lawyers at Goldblatt + Singer. We will start investigating your case the moment you call our office, searching for telltale signs of abuse and taking swift action against perpetrators. We work hard to bring negligent and criminal defendants to justice, fighting for compensation for our clients’ losses. Talk to us today for more information about how we may be able to help you.

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    About Nursing Home Abuse

    Nursing home abuse can happen due to overworked staff members, occupational stress, negligent workers, or caretakers with criminal intentions. No excuse exists for nursing home staff members and other caretakers to treat seniors badly. Nursing home abuse and neglect can take four forms: physical, mental, financial, and sexual. It is often up to family members to detect nursing home abuse and put an end to it, as abused senior citizens may keep their experiences a secret out of shame, guilt, intimidation, or fear that no one will believe them. Potential signs of nursing home abuse include:

    • Unexplained physical injuries or trips to the hospital
    • Strange marks such as hand-shaped bruising or strap marks
    • Burns or bite marks
    • Injuries such as black eyes or cracked ribs
    • Unkempt appearance or poor hygiene
    • Malnutrition, pale skin, gum/teeth problems
    • Bedsores or infections
    • Genital injuries or sexually transmitted diseases
    • Behavioral changes or mood swings
    • Feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety or withdrawal
    • Sudden changes to bank accounts, wills, or estate plans

    Although many St. Louis nursing homes care for their residents well, elder abuse is more prevalent than most families realize. Some estimates state that at least one in 10 nursing home residents will experience some form of abuse. The second you suspect signs of any type of nursing home abuse, take your loved one to a safe place. Call the police and report your suspicions. Tell the nursing home administration about your experiences as well. Then, call an attorney.

    Reputable Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in St. Louis

    St. Louis Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer image 2Nursing home abuse is a travesty. A lawsuit won’t take back what happened to your loved one, but it can bring your family a sense of justice and peace of mind. Bringing a personal injury claim against an abusive nursing home or one of its staff members could result in payment for your family member’s abuse-related medical bills, physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, and financial losses. It could also shed light on a St. Louis nursing facility that doesn’t take care of its residents.

    Due to the traumatic nature of elder abuse, victims and their loved ones may suffer considerable psychological trauma. In some cases, the mental damage can be enough to affect the senior citizen physically, reducing the odds of pulling through illnesses and injuries. If your loved one died under the care of a local nursing home, retain our firm to investigate the incident. In the event of wrongful death or death from the negligence or abuse of another person, we can help your family file the correct type of claim in Missouri.

    Wrongful death claims may result in payment for not only your deceased loved one’s losses and suffering but also that of your family. You could receive compensation for mental anguish, funeral and burial expenses, loss of consortium, and more.

    If you suspect your loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse, contact Goldblatt + Singer right away. The sooner you take action, the sooner your elderly loved one can secure justice. Fast action is critical in these cases, as every passing day could put your family member in danger. Call (314) 231-4100 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today.

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