St. Louis Airbag Failure Lawyer

Airbags are important life-saving devices. Most of the time they function and deploy properly. However, when something goes wrong and the airbag deploys with too much force or doesn’t deploy at all, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic. If an airbag contained a defect that harmed you or your loved one or failed to prevent injuries, speak to the experienced St. Louis airbag failure attorneys at Goldblatt + Singer. Our airbag failure lawyers can start investigating your accident right after your phone call, looking for signs of a product defect and beginning to build your case. We have experience handling auto defect cases throughout Missouri. Call us to schedule your free legal consultation today.

Reasons Why Airbags Fail in St. Louis

Airbag manufacturers have a legal obligation to make sure their products are safe. This involves in-depth research, testing and retesting to ensure quality and safety. When a manufacturer negligently or unintentionally markets unsafe airbags, innocent people can suffer the consequences. Cutting corners to save money, using volatile chemicals or failing to ensure the safety of a component before installation can all result in airbags that have dangerous defects. Some of the airbag issues consumers have reported over the years include:

  • Airbag explosions
  • Bags shooting shrapnel upon deployment
  • Airbags failing to deploy in accidents
  • Airbags deploying for no reason
  • Airbags deploying too early or too late
  • Bags containing dangerous chemicals
  • Airbags causing chemical burns

An airbag failure can turn a safe vehicle into a dangerous one. It can also fail to prevent serious injuries, turning a minor accident into a major one. Airbags have the power to prevent serious head, brain, neck and spinal cord injuries. Defects can render them useless, resulting in injuries that never should have happened. Airbag failures should never happen with due care for consumer safety. They are the result of manufacturer negligence, carelessness and wanton disregard for the safety of drivers. If an airbag defect injured you, you may have grounds to bring a claim against the manufacturer and the driver that caused your crash. Speak to a St. Louis airbag failure lawyer to learn what your options are.

Why Trust Goldblatt + Singer With Your Airbag Defect Claim?

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries because of a defective airbag, it’s time to take a stand against at-fault product manufacturers. It’s time to contact the airbag failure attorneys in St. Louis for a free case evaluation. Choosing your airbag defect attorney can be a hassle. We’re here to make your decision easy. We’ve been in business since 1949, offering our client-centric services to more than 25,000 people along the way. We know what our clients need best and how to accomplish the desired results.

Our St. Louis car accident lawyers take every claim seriously, starting with vehicle inspections and accident investigations from the very first day you contact us. We hire experts, interview witnesses, reconstruct your accident and take many other steps in pursuit of fair compensation. Goldblatt + Singer has product liability attorneys with decades of experience handling all types of defective and dangerous auto parts, including airbags. We know how to take prompt action to preserve important evidence, such as the airbag itself, after a car crash. We can also begin to document the details of your crash, including evidence that may point to the manufacturer’s prior knowledge of the problem, such as a previous recall or similar complaints.

If you have grounds to file a product liability claim or join an ongoing class action, we’ll help with these legal processes. Don’t wait to talk to a Saint Louis airbag failure attorney about a defect airbag incident. In Missouri, you have five years from the date of your injury to file a personal injury claim. Waiting too long can result in missing your deadline, as well as losing critical and time-sensitive evidence. The sooner you work with an airbag deflect lawyer, the sooner you can learn and protect your rights. We have car and truck accident lawyers in our St. Louis, Missouri office waiting to hear from you. Call (314) 231-4100, contact us online or visit our firm today for more information.

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