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    Goldblatt + Singer – Experienced Birth Injury Lawyers

    There are several types of birth injuries and many ways these injuries can be sustained. In some cases, birth injuries occur due to factors outside of a doctor’s control. However, in many birth injury cases, trained medical professionals should have recognized the signs and made the necessary adjustments to avert catastrophe.

    Birth injuries:

    • Cerebral palsy
    • Erb’s palsy
    • Brain injuries
    • Other physical disabilities
    • Mental disabilities
    • Paralysis
    • In the most tragic cases, death

    As most birth injuries will permanently affect your child, it is important to consider the significant pain and discomfort they will have to endure for the years to come and ensure the negligent parties are held accountable. Goldblatt + Singer can help you understand your child’s rights, and our birth injury lawyers will help your family pursue justice and compensation from those responsible for medical negligence.

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