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Have you been diagnosed with asbestosis? Contact Goldblatt + Singer of St. Louis, Missouri. Our asbestosis attorneys can guide you through the legal processes involved in securing compensation for your medical costs, pain and suffering, and more. We have spent years representing clients with asbestosis, mesothelioma and other asbestos-related harms since our firm’s foundation in 1949. Let us evaluate your case during a complimentary and confidential legal consultation in St. Louis. Get in touch with us today for more information on legal action, including a potential mass tort. If you can’t make it to our office, our lawyers will come to you.

About Asbestosis, a Chronic Lung Disease

Asbestosis is a chronic disease of the lung tissues caused by inhaling asbestos fibers. Prolonged exposure to asbestos, a naturally occurring silica mineral, can eventually culminate in symptoms of asbestosis, such as respiratory problems, coughing and chest tightness. Manufacturers used asbestos heavily in cement, auto parts, construction materials, fireproofing elements and more until the U.S. banned the substance in the 1970s. Unfortunately, use of asbestos has exposed hundreds of thousands of people to harmful amounts of this substance. Here are a few facts about asbestosis:

  • Cause. Exposure to asbestos for long periods of time, such as at work, can result in airborne asbestos fibers lodging in the lungs. Over time, these fibers can irritate the tissues and form scar tissue, impeding the ability to breathe.
  • Risk factors. Working in certain industries before the 1970s puts people at risk of developing asbestosis: asbestos mining, electricians, construction workers, shipbuilders, naval yard workers, industrial and manufacturer workers, and auto mechanics.
  • Symptoms. On top of a persistent cough and respiratory issues, asbestosis can also cause fingertip and toe “clubbing,” or digits that appear wider and rounder at the ends. Another common symptom is the loss of appetite and weight loss.
  • Complications. Many people with asbestosis develop lung cancer as these two conditions have comorbidity. People who smoke are at an increased risk of developing asbestosis-related lung cancer.
  • Diagnosis. It typically takes chest scans, x-rays and other imaging tests to detect asbestosis in the lung tissues. Failure to diagnose asbestosis can result in worsened symptoms and prognosis.
  • Treatments. Currently, no cure for asbestosis exists. Treatments can, however, slow progression and ease symptoms. Respiratory therapy through a breathing mask can help supplement oxygen. Lung transplant surgery might help severe cases.

If a doctor has diagnosed you or a loved one with asbestosis, know that you could be eligible for financial compensation. Thousands of victims of asbestos exposure have secured compensation from product manufacturers, building owners and employers over the years. A lawsuit could result in payment for your past and future hospital bills, lost wages, physical pain and emotional suffering. It could also bring a negligent party to justice for exposing people to asbestos.

What to Do About Asbestosis in St. Louis

Asbestosis can cause long-term respiratory problems, pain and discomfort. It can even be fatal if it results in lung cancer. You might not receive an asbestosis diagnosis or start experiencing symptoms until years after the date of asbestos exposure. Work with an attorney in pursuit of financial recovery for these complex claims. Even if your employer went out of business years ago, you could receive compensation through an asbestos-related trust. Our lawyers can help you explore your legal options.

Contact Goldblatt + Singer for an Asbestos and Mesothelioma Lawsuit Free Consultation

If you have asbestosis, don’t give up hope. Advanced treatments and innovative procedures are giving people with asbestos-related illnesses second chances at life. You will, however, need money to pay for your lifetime medical costs and care associated with asbestosis. With help from our experienced lawyers, you could fight for the compensation you deserve for such a serious and chronic illness. We’ve secured millions of dollars for our clients in notable cases throughout the years, thanks to our dedication to justice. You could be next on our list of successful cases. Call (844) 4-STL-LAW or contact us online for a free case review today.

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