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Toning shoes are athletic shoes with rounded soles that claim to increase the heel-to-toe motion of the foot. Recently, toning shoe lawsuits have become increasingly prevalent. Toning shoe manufacturers promoted that their shoes would result in muscle benefits like the ability to strengthen calves and legs. Also, the companies report that the shoes will stimulate metabolism, improve balance and increase muscle activation.

Conversely, studies have shown zero evidence that toning shoes provide any extra benefit. Exercise scientists have reported that toning shoes have major risks. However, toning shoe manufacturers never took the initiative to conduct studies to properly examine the safety of their shoes.

Toning shoe injuries may include harm to your bones, muscles and joints and will increase the risk of stress fractures and falling. The risks are increased for:

  • Elderly people
  • Diabetics
  • People with poor balance
  • People with vertigo
  • Those with lack of feeling in their feet
  • Those with chronic weak ankles

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