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Airbag Defect Lawsuits

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Airbags are designed to protect us and lessen the impact of a collision.  However, if an airbag deploys incorrectly, the airbag manufacturers can be held responsible for your injuries, even though they weren’t the cause of an accident. 

How do airbags malfunction?

Airbags are a simple idea – essentially an air-filled cushion that absorbs impact during an accident. But accidents happen fast, so airbags have to inflate very quickly (speeds of up to 175–200 mph) to be ready for that impact.

That means that airbags can also be very dangerous, and there have been defective product cases for many types of airbag defects:

  • Airbags that deploy without an impact at all, such as when the car is started or the driver is simply driving
  • Airbags that inflate during low-speed accidents
  • Airbags that inflate too fast and too far into the passenger area (which can cause catastrophic injuries, such as brain damage)
  • Airbags that inflate too late
  • Airbags that become detached
  • Airbags that are too big for the space
  • Airbags that don’t inflate at all, due to an electrical or sensor malfunction

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