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When to Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident

An injured woman wearing a neckbrace reviews paperwork with a lawyer after a car accident.

An automobile accident may be traumatic, regardless of how minor it is. You may not know what to do next. Getting medical help should be your top priority. The next step is to make an appointment with an experienced Missouri car accident lawyer by scheduling a free consultation. Never delay starting the legal process; all accident cases are subject to stringent statutes of limitations that will bar your right to recovery if these deadlines are missed.

When To Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident

It would be best if you spoke with a Missouri car accident lawyer as soon as possible after receiving medical attention because these lawsuits have stringent deadlines. You risk losing your right to compensation if you wait too long before the deadline. Settlement negotiations, compiling evidence and preparing for trial take time. It is best to start the legal process right away.

Here are some warning signs that indicate when you will want to retain the services of a car accident lawyer:

● You have injuries that need medical attention
● You had to take time off from work to attend to your injuries
● You were involved in a hit and run accident
● The other driver is blaming you
● Multiple parties were involved
● You were the passenger in an accident and were injured
● The other party did not have insurance and was at fault for the accident
● The other party was driving while distracted
● The other party was driving while intoxicated
● An Uber or Lyft was involved in the collision
● A commercial vehicle was involved in the accident

After your accident, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible if any of the above circumstances apply to you. It is usually preferable to be safe than sorry if you are unsure. If you require legal assistance, a lawyer can assess your situation and be upfront about it. Attorneys for car accidents won’t take on pointless claims.

How Can a Lawyer Assist Me With My Case Following a Car Accident?

The most crucial duty of a vehicle accident attorney is to establish liability and negligence after an accident. Four essential elements must be demonstrated in every personal injury liability claim to receive compensation and win your case.

The duty of care is the first component. A lawyer must establish that the other party owes you a duty of care. For example, drivers are responsible for respecting all traffic laws and keeping one another safe to avoid car accidents and protect other road users.

A breach of the duty of care is the following component required to be proven to be eligible for compensation. This component can be illustrated when the person who owed you a duty of care acts carelessly in violation of that responsibility.

The next step is establishing causality, or identifying who was responsible for the breach. Finally, you must indicate that the party(s) who breached their duty of care caused you damages, which are any losses you incurred due to the duty of care violation. Once these four components have been established, a car accident attorney can file a claim for compensation on your behalf.

What Other Matters Does a Car Accident Attorney Assist With After a Crash?

Although the above mentioned factors may give the impression that it is simple to prove a case, an attorney also serves many additional functions. Car accident cases, especially those involving multiple parties or significant injuries, are often complex. It is not uncommon for insurance companies and opposing counsel to try to offer injured parties significantly less than they are entitled to or attempt to deny their claim entirely or place liability on them.

An adept and trustworthy attorney will also:

● Assemble evidence
● Draft a demand letter
● Submit a claim
● Bring a lawsuit when necessary
● Converse with insurance providers
● Communication with adjusters, creditors, and other attorneys on behalf of the victim

Attorneys for car accidents work closely with accident victims and their families to uphold their rights and keep them informed throughout the procedure. With our help, you can concentrate on getting better while we take care of legal matters.

Missouri Car Accident Negligence

You might wonder how vehicle accidents occur and whether there is a way to prevent them. Although you should abide by all posted signage, including speed limits and stop signs, more is needed to prevent an automobile accident from happening. Unfortunately, the majority of car accidents might be avoided if only other drivers did what you did—follow the rules of the road.

An accident may result from a driver acting carelessly and against the letter of the law.

These negligent behaviors most frequently involve:

● Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
● Speeding
● Reckless endangerment
● Driving while distracted
● Drowsy driving
● Brake malfunction
● Following too closely
● Hazardous driving conditions
● Driving too quickly for the weather

The list above is not exhaustive, but it gives a few examples of how collisions occur throughout the nation and the state. The truth is that accidents can happen for various reasons and frequently do when you least expect them.

Have You Been Hurt in a St. Louis Car Accident?

Lifelong repercussions might result from car accident injuries. In addition, injured victims’ relatives may also suffer from stress, time lost from work, and emotional distress due to their involvement with their loved one who was involved in the incident.

Some of the most common injuries you could sustain in a car accident include the following:

Burn injuries
● Lacerations and bruises
● Bone fractures
● Slipped discs
● Spinal cord damage
● Traumatic brain injury
● Neck and back pain
● Whiplash
● Concussions
● Shoulder sprains

You should contact a car accident attorney right away if you were hurt in an accident. Insurance companies frequently attempt to settle claims for the very minimal amount they can get away with paying out. When accident victims don’t have a lawyer advocating for them, they frequently prevail. They’ll look for any opportunity to undermine your claim.

Call a St. Louis Car Accident Attorney for Assistance Right Away

Do not put off hiring legal counsel until the statute of limitations is about to expire. The earlier you speak with a lawyer from Goldblatt + Singer, the St. Louis Injury Law firm, the sooner we can start preparing your case. Evidence, medical records, and police reports will all be gathered quickly. Then, to evaluate the value of your case, we will speak with expert witnesses, after which we will start negotiating with the insurance provider.

A vehicle accident attorney knows the law, how to investigate an accident, and how to get qualified witnesses to testify on your behalf. But all of this takes time, and you want to ensure your lawyer has enough time to compile proof and make the best case. Call (314) 888-1000 or contact us online today to discuss the unique circumstances surrounding your case and what we can do to help.

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