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Workplace Fire Sends Three to Hospital in Jefferson County

An accident at Global Pyrotechnic Solutions in Jefferson County sent three individuals to the hospital. Two of the three men were treated and released from a Fenton hospital, while the third man was admitted to Mercy Hospital St. Louis for serious burns. Workers say they heard a flash explosion coming from one building on the 180-acre fireworks plant, and the company now calls says it was a flashover fire and not an explosion.

There is a history of injuries and deaths associated with the family who owns Global Pyrotechnic Solutions. The family has had three different companies on the same land over the years, and four previous explosions have occurred in association with the family’s businesses since 1999. In 2003, a deadly blast involving technicians setting up a show in Florida killed one of the workers. The business lost its license and records show that the children of the owner went on to form the new company, GPS.

The OSHA officials can’t say whether or not they’ve made any inspections since the formation of the new company, and they are investigating this recent incident to determine whether more could have been done in terms of oversight. The victims of this flashover fire may be able to seek compensation for their injuries if it can be proven that there was negligence on the part of the owners of GPS. A St. Louis personal injury attorney can instruct the victims and their families on how to file for workers’ compensation so that they can receive financial relief for their pain and suffering.

At Goldblatt & Singer, our exceptionally qualified team of attorneys can help injury victims seek justice for their job-related injuries. We carefully examine the circumstances that led up to the accident to determine whether or not third party liabilities are to blame. Contact a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer today to learn more.

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