What To Do When The Insurance Settlement Offer Is Too Low

What To Do When The Insurance Settlement Offer Is Too Low

March 9, 2021Personal Injury

When you are in a car accident or suffer some other type of personal injury, you may be in the position to get a settlement from an insurance company. However, the insurance company may not offer a settlement that you believe is fair. Here are the signs to look out for that may mean an offer is too low, and what to do next. 

Signs that Your Settlement Offer is Too Low

  1. The Offer Comes Too Fast: a fast settlement offer means the insurance company didn’t take the time needed to assess your accident and injuries. 
  2. Pressuring You To Accept: if an insurance adjuster is pressuring you into accepting their settlement offer or makes you feel intimidated, they probably know their offer is too low. 
  3. Ignore or Dismiss Evidence: ignoring or dismissing relevant evidence, such as submitted photos, medical bills, pay stubs for lost income, and other documentation. 
  4. Question Your Injuries: an attempt to make you doubt yourself by insinuating that you are exaggerating about your injuries or that they were pre-existing. 
  5. No Explanation: refuses to explain how they calculated their other. 
  6. Place Blame on You: implying that you were at fault and caused the accident, making you feel the need to defend yourself. 

What To Do Next

Hire A Lawyer

Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who handles insurance claims every day. These attorneys know how to negotiate and settle a case or will take the case to trial if need be. Most work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay upfront and will only owe legal fees if you win. There is no risk. 

Calculate the Value of Your Claim

Your lawyer will consider all the evidence and thoroughly assess your case to calculate the amount of compensation you need and are entitled to. The other driver’s insurance policy will also need to be taken into account. The policy limits can impact the likelihood of you receiving the amount you need from the insurance company or if you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

The figure your attorney comes up with will include current and future medical bills and lost income, property damage, along with your pain and suffering and emotional distress. When you enter into negotiations, you will understand the maximum amount you are likely to receive, as well as an amount you should not go below. 

Reject and Counter the Low Offer

Next, your lawyer will help you respond to the insurance company’s low offer in writing. It must be carefully rejected, responding to each point made in the initial offer, such as you being partially at fault. The response will also contain a counteroffer with an argument about why you are entitled to that amount. 

Settlement or Trial

The insurance company will most likely come back with a counteroffer rather than accept yours. Negotiations may go back and forth for a while. If the insurer refuses to settle for a fair amount, your attorney will help you decide if you need to go to trial. 

We Can Help You Deal with the Insurance Company

You don’t have to accept a less than fair offer from an insurance company. Our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers can help you by negotiating on your behalf and ensure you recover the compensation you need. Contact Goldblatt + Singer today for a free consultation. 

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