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What Can I Do if My Insurance Claim Was Denied?

After a car accident, one of the first things you should do is file an auto accident claim with your insurance. The other party or parties involved should be doing the same. If your claim is successful and the other party is labeled fully liable, then their insurance will cover the cost of your damages. Unfortunately, many auto accident claims are not successful. Two things can happen here: 1) the claim was denied, or 2) the compensation was lower than you think is fair.

In the event that your auto insurance claim is denied or unfavorable, you can appeal with the Missouri Department of Insurance or request reconsideration with the insurance company. If you have not had an attorney assisting you thus far, this would be a good point in the process to contact one. The St. Louis car accident lawyers at our firm have years of experience assisting clients when they’re up against large insurance companies. Our goal is to get clients maximum financial compensation for their vehicle damage, physical injuries, and even psychological injuries.

Remember, there is hope even after your insurance company has issued you compensation. Before filing a reconsideration request or an appeal, talk to your claims representative so you can learn exactly why your claim was denied or how they came up with the amount that they did. Because insurance companies are not always out for their policyholders’ best interests, they can lowball claimants and even outright deny valid claims.

This is unacceptable, and our firm wants to assist individuals such as this with their appeals. If you would like to learn more about how to combat a wrongfully denied or undercut claim, Fox, Goldblatt & Singer PC may be able to assist. Our St. Louis car accident attorneys offer free case evaluations, so be sure to call today to take advantage of this service.

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