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We Are Goldblatt + Singer, The St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

January 7, 2015Firm News,Personal Injury

Since 1947, you have known us as Fox, Goldblatt & Singer. We shortened our name, but our reputation for hard work and compassion will carry on with our new name and logo.

You may have noticed our billboards and TV commercials. We want to spread the word that we are still here under a new name to assist you with any personal injury matter.

You may also have noticed an increased amount of billboards and commercials from national law firms. Unlike those law firms, our office is actually in St. Louis and our attorneys practice in St. Louis courtrooms every day.

We are firmly grounded here in St. Louis and will never handle your case from a national call center. Please continue sending your family and friends to Goldblatt + Singer, The St. Louis Injury Law Firm.

Our Track Record Makes Us One of the Midwest’s Best Law Firms

We are proud to announce a recent settlement on behalf of an injured worker for $1 million on the eve of the trial.

After a thorough investigation, attorneys at Goldblatt + Singer discovered that the acts of third parties contributed to our client’s on-the-job injury and filed a civil suit against those responsible.

This settlement serves as a reminder of the importance of hiring the best personal injury lawyer possible: someone with comprehensive experience in injury cases. Our firm has handled personal injury cases for over 60 years. If you have any questions about a personal injury matter, please contact us immediately for a completely free consultation.

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