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Never Settle for an Inadequate Personal Injury Attorney

January 22, 2015Car Accidents,Firm News

Goldblatt + Singer personal injury attorneys regularly take over cases started by other lawyers. In recent years, many attorneys who do not specialize in handling auto accident cases try to learn as they go. Unfortunately, the injured party often ends up suffering again.

Bill Holland of Goldblatt + Singer recently settled a wrongful death truck accident case after the original attorneys were fired by the victim’s widow. Those injured in automobile accidents always have the right to fire their attorneys if they are not happy with how the case is progressing.

Bill negotiated a much higher settlement, worked out all of the liens, and made sure that all the family members were pleased with the result. The family was only charged one attorney fee and Bill was able to work out a deal with the original attorneys that further benefited the family of the victim of the tractor-trailer accident.

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