Truck Accident FAQ

Truck Accident FAQ

Driving a car is always a hazardous activity. Driving a car around a 75-foot-long wall of metal 14 feet high that weighs 80,000 pounds and traveling at highway speeds is deadly. A commercial driver’s license is required to operate a semi-truck because they are so dangerous. Professional drivers are the only ones able to handle… read more

Colliding with a truck is a frightening experience. You may be seriously injured, and there may be fatalities at the scene. Some victims lose consciousness and wake up not recognizing their surroundings because of the mass amount of damage to their vehicle. Truck accidents are life-changing, and the stress is compounded when you are unaware… read more

The driver responsible for causing an accident in the state of Missouri must pay for subsequent damages. However, not all accidents are simple. Sometimes there are multiple parties at fault, and they are each held liable to a different degree. What Happens When a Truck Driver Has an Accident? No one is perfect. We all… read more

All motor vehicle collisions are stressful. There are many different factors involved in every crash. Colliding with a commercial motor vehicle is often horrific because the severity of the wreck has the strong potential to cause life-altering injuries or even death. Surviving this nightmare can land you in another problematic state of affairs because of… read more

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are a set of laws designed to protect the well-being of the general public. Trucking companies and commercial vehicle operators must abide by these laws. Violations of these regulations can lead to injury and death. Personal injury lawyers know these rules and use them to determine fault in a… read more

Imagine driving a three thousand-pound deadly weapon through heavy traffic at sixty miles an hour. Now imagine that weapon is suddenly eighty thousand pounds, and you are trying to dodge all the smaller vehicles, but they keep getting in your way and traveling where you can’t see them. This situation may sound like a challenging… read more

Truck accidents are traumatizing. Most victims just want the entire process to be over as quickly as possible, so they can focus on their recovery and get on with their lives. Wanting to settle fast is understandable, especially when high expenses from mounting medical bills and lost wages come into account. However, sooner does not… read more

Trucks carry 60% of all the freight in the United States, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. They are a vital part of our economy. Unfortunately, truck accidents lead to catastrophic injuries. The size and weight of a commercial vehicle traveling at highway speeds will effortlessly rip through a family car’s safety systems. Crumple… read more

Negligence is “the failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to another,” according to the Oxford Dictionary. The best way to prove negligence is first to understand what qualifies as reasonable care and then determine whether or not that care was given. Truck accident cases are complex and very detailed. Seeking compensation… read more

The nightmare of an accident is magnified when a truck is involved. The damage these cumbersome vehicles can cause is exponentially more than that of another car. Many victims find themselves feeling fearful after an accident. Serious injury, entrapment, and fatalities escalate emotional trauma. The harrowing experience of a motor vehicle collision can leave people… read more

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