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When people buy consumer products, they expect to use them throughout their daily lives and rightfully expect that those products will be safe and effective. Unfortunately, some products are defective and fail to perform their intended function, and some products actually harm the consumer or the consumer’s property. According to the National Safety Council, in… read more

When you purchase a product, there is an expectation that the product will fulfill its marketed purpose. When this expectation is not reached, the problem could be that the product is defective. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, something that is defective does not work properly or contains a fault. Filing a defective product claim may… read more

There is often a sense of betrayal when someone finds out that a product is defective. Products are purchased with the expectation that they will perform their intended function or fulfill a need. Consumers are left with frustration and disappointment when their product fails to meet these expectations. Some consumers are left with injuries from… read more

Amazon has recently become the largest retailer in the world for consumer products. It is extremely likely that you or someone you know has ordered a product from Amazon at least once. Unfortunately, there are some items on Amazon that are not safe for consumers. Many people have been seriously injured by using these defective… read more

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