Man Ejected in St. Louis Rollover Accident

May 17, 2013Car Accidents,Firm News

A driver was thrown from his vehicle in a tragic rollover accident the morning of May 10th. The accident occurred in north St. Louis County. Authorities are still investigating the cause of this accident, but the report indicates that the driver somehow lost control of his vehicle and hit a curb. At the rate he was traveling, the impact with the curb sent his vehicle into a spin. The car flipped through a resident’s front yard. The man was ejected from his vehicle during the process. The car ended 20 yards away from the site of the initial impact. Sources say that the man is in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

This type of rollover accident was a tripped rollover as well as a “run off road” or ROR accident. The accident was tripped because the vehicle hitting a curb was what caused the rollover. Untripped accidents involve vehicle rollovers not initiated by impact from another object. This type of accident is an ROR accident because the vehicle did not stay on the road but veered off onto someone else’s property. Statistically, ROR crashes account for 31 percent of fatal crashes and 16 percent of total crashes.

This accident took place during the early morning hours, so there is always the possibility that he fell asleep at the wheel. As is the case with some single-vehicle accidents, the driver can be held solely liable. When only one vehicle is involved in a crash, other types of driver behavior, such as alcohol use, drug use, or various forms of distraction, could have been involved. While single-vehicle accidents such as this rollover accident could be the sole fault of the driver, there are other extenuating circumstances that could have been involved.

In some rollover accidents, drivers are swerving to avoid hitting something in the road such as debris, a pedestrian, or another vehicle. Some roads are inherently dangerous because they have not been properly maintained. There is also the possibility that, because the accident took place in the early hours of the morning, that visibility was low. These accidents require careful investigation before assigning liability. Once the accident has been investigated and the damage assessed, financial coverage can be provided to make the necessary repairs and even cover medical expenses.

If you or someone you love was involved in this type of accident, it may be wise to secure attorney representation. The St. Louis car accident lawyers at our firm have the experience necessary to speak with your insurance company, third party insurance company, handle your claim and fight for you should you receive an unfavorable settlement. If you would like to learn more, our firm provides free consultations. Be sure to contact a St. Louis car accident attorney at Goldblatt + Singer today.

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