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In Missouri, our residents love to hunt and enjoy nature. But just as there could be many dangers inside your home (such as defective products), there are many hazards awaiting you in the great outdoors.

With small game hunting underway and the firearm deer season set to begin soon, the Dick Cheney incident comes to mind. Because these accidents aren’t as uncommon as you might think, many news sources are talking about how wearing blaze orange clothing could save your life.

In the words of one expert, “The failure to wear blaze orange puts a hunter in jeopardy of not being seen by someone who does not take the time to properly identify their target and what’s beyond it.”

Some other basic hunting safety tips include:

  • Make noise (such as whistling) to alert hunters someone is in their area.
  • Make your presence known— if you are a nonhunter who hears shooting, you should raise your voice to notify hunters you are in their vicinity.
  • Know the dates of hunting season and when hunting is taking place.
  • Choose to hike in a location where hunting is not allowed.

In 2007 alone, there were 239 hunting accidents, according to the International Hunting Education Association. Hunting accidents tend to occur when individuals get tired and restless and really want to bring something home. The most common hunting accidents tend to involve:

  • The accidental discharge of a weapon
  • Shooting at a target, missing and hitting another person
  • Mistaking a person for a wild animal and shooting at them

When individuals are careless and run or walk with a loaded firearm, cross fences or climb trees with a loaded gun, place firearms in an insecure resting place, shoot across a roadway or shoot near occupied buildings, accidents can result. If you were injured in a hunting accident, the team at Fox Goldblatt & Singer can help you fight for the compensation that is due to you. You may be entitled to damages for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering and more! Contact us today to get started on building your case!

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