Filing a Complaint with the MDI

If you have a complaint with your insurance, you can contact the Missouri Department of Insurance (MDI). The MDI’s Division of Consumer Affairs hears complaints regarding most types of insurance, including private auto, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation insurance. There are five major reasons why someone might file a complaint against their insurance company or a specific individual representing an insurance company: claim problems, claim delays, sales problems, premium problems, and policy problems. The MDI does allow you to make complaints for other reasons as well.

Who can file a complaint? These complaints are for consumers who are unhappy with or disagree with some aspect of their insurance. The MDI’s special division that deals with these complaints can investigate your accident, injury, and ensuing claim. The goal is to resolve these complaints before they go any further, namely, court.

These complaints can be helpful to get an insurance company to listen to you. MDI can take your complaint and send a copy to your insurance company in hopes that you will receive a prompt and helpful response as well as a detailed explanation. A complaint could also lead the department to investigate your insurance company’s conduct to see if it complies with Missouri law. If your insurance company has erred, then the department can hold them accountable to fix their error.

It is important to remember that this MDI division cannot substitute legal representation. Legal advice can only come from utilizing the services of an attorney such as the St. Louis personal injury attorneys at our firm. The MDI also does not allow claimants to consult with them if they are already seeking counsel from an attorney. In some cases, an attorney can give written consent so that their client can seek MDI counsel. The purpose of the MDI complaints division is to resolve questions and disputes. When the issue cannot be resolved using this method, people usually seek attorney representation.

Keep in mind, only an attorney can establish the following:

  • How much medical care and compensation is appropriate for your case
  • Who was the negligent or “at fault” party
  • How much your claim is worth and how much an insurance company owes you
  • Facts and evidence regarding your accident and claim

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident and you would like to utilize legal representation, get in touch with a St. Louis personal injury attorney from Fox Goldblatt & Singer PC today. Our firm has been helping claimants like you since 1949 and can fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call today!

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