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Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

11 October 2013 |
CATEGORIES: Personal Injury
One of the main reasons people don't seek legal representation, even when they have a valid claim, is because they believe they can't afford it. If you, like so many other people, have questions about personal injury attorney fees, Fox Goldblatt & Singer's latest blog is for you...

Recent Car Accidents in St. Louis

10 October 2013 |
In a heavily-trafficked urban area like St. Louis, it is no surprise that motor vehicle accidents are common. Drivers that frequent the downtown area can stay up-to-date on the latest accidents to avoid congested roads and highways. Reading about recent traffic accidents also helps drivers avoid similar mistakes. Listed below are details about some of the most recent St. Louis-area car accidents...

Thousands of People Gather Downtown for Cards and Blues Games

9 October 2013 |
Due to games at the Scottrade Center and Busch Stadium, the media released a report estimating that about 66,000 people would be in the downtown St. Louis area today. The St. Louis Cardinals and Blues are both playing this evening, matches that are expected to cause major traffic jams and potentially some accidents. There are also more expected visitors than there are parking spaces...

How the Government Shutdown Works and How it Might Affect Your Case

1 October 2013 |
CATEGORIES: Personal Injury
Congress failed to reach a federal budget agreement (aka "appropriations") as of midnight yesterday, which resulted in a government shutdown. The shutdown will continue until Congress can come to an agreement. The last two shutdowns took place during the Clinton administration. One lasted for nine days and the other three weeks. The consequences of the shutdown will become more severe the longer it continues. This particular shutdown hinges on Republicans' refusal to approve the stop-gap measure until Democrats defund ObamaCare, which Democrats refuse to do...

Minor School Bus Accident in Manchester, MO

25 September 2013 |
Today in Manchester, Missouri, a minivan collided with the rear of a school bus. The collision was enough to shake the school bus and cause a brief panic, but no one was seriously injured. When paramedics arrived at the scene, they treated several adults. Law enforcement did not indicate that any children were hurt in the accident...

ObamaCare Goes Into Full Swing in St. Louis, Missouri

19 September 2013 |
Top U.S. Health Official, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, visited Missouri recently to discuss the implementation of President Obama's new healthcare plan, poised to take effect in a little under two weeks. Many are calling this the most complex national legislation in decades...

Missouri DOT to Close N-Route 141 at I-70 for Repairs

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is shutting down the northbound lanes of Route 141 at Interstate 70 this weekend in order to make repairs to the I-70 bridge...

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Connected to "Ride of the Century"

3 September 2013 |
A motorcyclist was killed in a recent St. Charles County multi-vehicle crash, authorities report. The accident took place Saturday, August 31st about an hour after midnight. According to a preliminary investigation of the accident, the 25-year-old was riding his motorcycle southbound on Mid Rivers Mall Drive. It appears as if he failed to yield at a red light, causing him to crash into a car. The impact caused the motorcyclist to be thrown from his bike. Emergency medical personnel pronounced him dead at the scene. The driver of the vehicle he hit was not injured...

CMV Awareness: Big Rig Safety on Roads & Highways

30 August 2013 |
Big rigs can be an intimidating part of driving on Missouri roads and highways. According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), about 3,000 large trucks are involved in non-fatal Missouri accidents every year while about 1,000 are involved in injury crashes. These commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) can weigh tens of thousands more pounds than the typical passenger vehicle, which is why car-truck accidents are often so severe...

Diagnostic Error Statistics

23 August 2013 |
Doctors and healthcare professionals have a professional duty to fulfill: care for their patients by diagnosing problems and improving their health as much as is reasonably possible. Of course, some conditions are inherently difficult to diagnose, but when doctors fail to follow standard diagnostic procedures, patients suffer. The Wall Street Journal as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have recently reported on the troubling diagnostic error statistics. Here is what they reported:..

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