St. Louis Lowes Accident Lawyer

After a personal injury accident at Lowe’s, take control of your future with help from Goldblatt + Singer. Our St. Louis Lowes accident lawyers provide assistance with Lowe’s insurance claims and more. We know how to help clients with the pursuit of compensation and justice after a vehicle accident, slip or trip and fall, criminal assault in a parking lot, or other failed safety standard causes shopper injuries. Let us provide dedicated legal representation for your family during this difficult time.

About Lowe’s Accidents in Missouri

Lowe’s Home Improvement is one of the biggest names in corporate America. With more than 1,850 locations throughout the country, this Fortune 500 company must take ample measures to prevent accidents and injuries to shoppers. Dangerous property conditions can result in patrons suffering injuries such as bone fractures, sprains, head or brain injuries, and other serious harms. To recover damages from these premises liability accidents, victims need help from Lowes accident attorneys. Some of the most common property defects resulting in lawsuits against Lowe’s in Missouri are:

  • Unsafe floors. Slips, trips, and falls from slippery floors, debris in walkways, and cracked sidewalks cause hundreds of injuries at Lowe’s every year. The most common fall-related injury is a fractured hip.
  • Dangerous parking lots. Lowe’s should manage its parking lot to reasonably keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Parking lot collisions or falls from poorly designed or maintained parking lots could result in lawsuits.
  • Negligent security. Failing to keep premises reasonably secure based on the location’s criminal history might be negligence if it results in preventable harms to shoppers. Lowe’s has a duty to properly light its parking lots and take other security measures.
  • Careless employees. If an employee carelessly stocks a shelf, doesn’t clean up a spill, or otherwise contributes to a customer’s injuries, the victim could have grounds to file a claim against Lowe’s for vicarious liability.

Too often, a store’s negligent violation of safety and health codes result in injuries to innocent consumers. If Lowe’s is guilty of cutting corners to save money, improperly training its employees, or ignoring safety hazards to protect the brand’s reputation, we want to put a stop to it. We work closely with accident victims to seek the source of the problem and to bring a Lowe’s store or employee to justice. To us, winning has nothing to do with how much we win and everything to do with how well we fulfill our client’s goals. Contact one of our Saint Louis Lowes injury attorneys now.

How to Prove a Lowe’s Accident Claim

One of the first things you should do after suffering injuries in an accident at Lowe’s is to schedule a free legal consultation with Goldblatt + Singer. Your attention might at first be on tending to your personal injuries, but soon you’ll realize you need legal help as the medical bills start rolling in. Our Lowes accident lawyers can immediately go to work dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, and bill collectors on your behalf. With no up-front costs and a contingency-fee price scheme, you have nothing to lose in contacting us for assistance.

With our help, proving a civil claim against one of the country’s most prominent home improvement stores can get much easier. We can hire experts and investigators to look into your incident, helping to understand the source of the issue. We can also expedite the claims process by obeying all of the state’s personal injury laws and filing regulations. Leave everything up to us, so you can concentrate on healing from your injuries in peace. To learn more about your recent Lowe’s accident, talk to St. Louis Lowes injury lawyers today at (314) 231-4100. We’ll also answer online appointment requests.

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