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Injured in a St. Louis Home Depot? Goldblatt + Singer wants to help. We bring together talented attorneys from different backgrounds and strengths to surround each client with a comprehensive team of lawyers. Home Depot accidents including parking lot collisions, on-premises criminal assaults, in-store slip and falls, falling objects from shelves, dangerous tools and equipment, and negligent employees may give you the right to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit in Missouri. Let our Home Depot accident lawyers walk you through the claims process and maximize your odds of recovery. Talk to us about your case today, for free!

5 Things to Know After a Home Depot Accident in St Louis

Take it from a firm that has practiced personal injury law since 1949 – claims against big stores like Home Depot aren’t always easy to win. The larger the store, the deeper it’s pockets and the larger its insurance company. The more you know about these types of personal injury claims, the more prepared you’ll be for a lawsuit. The following are five main facts we want clients to know when going up against Home Depot in pursuit of injury recovery:

  1. You aren’t alone. You aren’t the first or last person to suffer an injury on a Home Depot premises. Claimants before you have paved the way for other injured parties to seek recovery. You also aren’t alone in the sense that an entire team of Home Depot accident attorneys is available to help you at Goldblatt + Singer.
  2. The insurance company handles the claim. After suffering an accident at a Home Depot, it’s not the company that will hear your claim. Rather, Home Depot refers claims to its insurance company. Insurers do everything they can to convince injured parties to settle for less than they deserve. Hire a Home Depot injury lawyer to fight back.
  3. It can be difficult to recover damages. Unfortunately, to win a claim against Home Depot, you must be vigilant about requesting damages. Too often, victims give up on their claims after not hearing back from the store’s insurer, the store “losing” incident paperwork, or the store delaying the claim. Don’t give up. Call a legal professional to expedite the process.
  4. You might face claim denial. Home Depot’s insurance company will look for any opportunity to deny a personal injury claim. Sometimes, even if you follow all the rules, you’ll still receive a claim denial stating that you were to blame for your injuries. It’s important to talk to a Home Depot accident lawyer if this is the case.
  5. You need help from an attorney. If there’s one common theme across all Home Depot lawsuits, it’s the need for an experienced attorney. Don’t let a big corporation or insurance company step on your rights and convince you to give up without a fight. Retain a Home Depot accident lawyer to protect you and exercise your privileges as an innocent shopper.

Goldblatt + Singer is happy to schedule a free consultation about your Home Depot accident with an experienced personal injury attorney in St. Louis. Our Home Depot injury attorneys have what it takes to walk you through your rights and options following any type of accident while shopping. We can assist you with insurance settlement negotiations and even take Home Depot to court if necessary. We have a long history of successful injury claims, earning our clients more than $400 million in settlements and judgment awards. You could be our next success story.

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