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Grocery Store Accident Lawsuits

Goldblatt Singer Knows Grocery Store Accident Lawsuits

Grocery stores must make their aisles, walkways and areas throughout their stores reasonably safe for customers like you. If they don’t, an accident is inevitable. When customers are shopping for groceries, they are focused on eye-level merchandise and are often pushing carts. These conditions make a slip, trip or fall highly likely when there is liquid or another hazardous condition on the floor.

If you have an accident, the store may be liable. Could the employees have done something to prevent the accident? Did the store warn customers of the danger? According to grocery store premises liability law, if the answers to these questions are no, then the store may be required to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages and more.

The Most Common Causes of Grocery Store Accidents

Grocery store accidents can be caused by many different things, including:

  • Slippery floors caused by spills or recently mopped floors;
  • Shelves overloaded with merchandise;
  • Defective automatic doors.

Contact Goldblatt Singer For Your Grocery Store Accident Lawsuit

If you have an accident in a grocery store, the owners may claim that they’re not responsible. They may say that there wasn’t a hazard at all—the accident was simply your mistake. Or they may claim that you should have seen the hazard coming. 

That’s why it’s important to contact a premises liability lawyer with expertise in grocery store injury cases.  We’ll examine all the evidence to determine who’s liable. Then we’ll build the strongest possible case for you.

Contact us today if you’ve been in a grocery store accident. We have helped our clients recover over $400 million in compensation, and our experienced lawyers will help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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