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Oversized / Overloaded Vehicle Lawsuits

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There are good reasons for the limitations state and federal regulators put on commercial vehicle operators, and overloaded trucks are certainly no exception. Unfortunately trucking companies and drivers don’t always abide by the rules.

These overloaded trucks can cause serious problems, both for the operator and other drivers. Most of the time, you aren’t[BA1]  able to tell a truck is overloaded by its appearance alone. But the additional weight can increase stopping time, causing rear-end collisions. Other times, cargo can shift in the trailer causing the truck to jackknife or roll. In cases of a jackknife, cargo can be expelled from the truck, presenting an additional hazard for all of the surrounding drivers.

Initially, it may be difficult to tell if overloading caused a truck accident, but the St. Louis accident attorneys at Goldblatt Singer have the experience to identify the signs of wrongdoing.

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