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Defective Car Part Lawsuits

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Mechanical defects are often the underlying cause of car crashes.  Your car’s manufacturer may be liable when your vehicle’s defective car parts actually cause your injury or make your injury more severe.  Our legal team has handled many product liability lawsuits, and we stay informed of product recalls so that we can keep you informed. 

Common Vehicle Defects

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles all known vehicle and auto part recalls.  We are currently accepting cases involving the following defects:

  • GM ignition switch: Defective ignition switch turns off the vehicle and disables airbags while vehicle is in motion;
  • Unintended acceleration: Vehicle suddenly speeds out of control;
  • Roof crush: Weakly designed roofs collapse on the vehicle’s occupants when the vehicle rolls;
  • Defective tires: Manufacturing and design defects may result in tread separation and blowout without any fault on the part of the driver;
  • Faulty door latches:  Vehicles with this defect are at risk for doors to suddenly open while in motion;
  • Defective air bags: Defects may result in overinflation, underinflation or failure to inflate upon impact;
  • Seatback failure: Weak seatbacks collapse at low impacts, causing the occupant to sustain more serious injuries;
  • Gas tank explosions: Poorly placed and designed gas tanks are at risk of exploding in relatively minor collisions.

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