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As leaders in St. Louis personal injury law, we feel compelled to keep you informed about high profile cases, best practices in injury law and our firm. Turn to us for safety tips, legal system advice and more—everything you need to feel empowered to make decisions about choosing an attorney.

Tips for Surviving St. Louis' Coldest Winter in Years

3 January 2014 |
This morning, St. Louis-area residents awoke to below-zero temperatures which are only expected to drop even further. Although the temperatures will rise slightly over the next few days, they are then expected to drop to levels they haven't been at in over 15 years. As the temperature drops, meteorologists are also predicting more snow- about 10 inches to be exact...

Lost Wages and Other Economic Harms

26 December 2013 |
In our previous two blogs in this series, we have discusses both medical bill compensation and pain & suffering compensation that you may be entitled to after a car accident. In this third and final blog in our "Questions About Car Accident Compensation" series, we will be discussing lost wages and other economic harms you may be faced with after a collision...

"Pain and Suffering" & Related Damages

23 December 2013 |
Many people wrongfully assume that only physical damages are recoverable after a car accident, but this is not so. Victims of car accidents are often able to recover financial compensation for a type of damage known as "pain and suffering." Contrary to physical, measurable damages, pain and suffering damages are emotional in nature. Although they are not easily quantifiable, many car accident victims successfully claim this type of damage...

Compensation for Medical Expenses

20 December 2013 |
The time surrounding a car accident can be chaotic and confusing. To clear up some of that ambiguity, the St. Louis car accident attorneys at Goldblatt & Singer PC decided to publish a 3-part blog series specifically on the topic of car accident compensation. The biggest questions people face after a collision are usually financial in nature, which is why with this series, we aim to answer questions such as:..

Can I Recover Lost Wages from Car Insurance?

18 December 2013 |
Many states require all drivers to carry minimum auto insurance policy limits that include compensation for lost wages in the event that a collision-related injury puts you out of work for a substantial period of time. Being involved in an auto accident means that you may be suffering not only physically and psychologically, but financially as well...
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Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter Travel

10 December 2013 |
It's December in St. Louis, and temperatures regularly dip below freezing which can mean icy roads and other adverse weather conditions for drivers. Your car likely needs special maintenance during the winter months. Whether you're a seasoned veteran St. Louis driver or a rookie, you can benefit from the tips that our personal injury attorneys have provided below...

In Honor of Universal Children's Day

November 20th is Universal Children's Day, a day instituted by the United Nations' General Assembly to be observed around the world. The U.N.'s goal was to set aside a day to remember the welfare of children across the globe. In honor of Universal Children's Day, Fox Goldblatt & Singer PC wanted to address child safety on today's blog...

Qualifying for a Class Action Lawsuit

15 November 2013 |
Class action lawsuits. It seems as if almost every day there is a new lawsuit against a company or service provider. Our firm commonly handles class action lawsuits that involve individuals who were injured or became ill because of a certain product, drug or medical device. Some common ones within the past five years have included:..

Haunted Houses & Premises Liability Lawsuits

7 November 2013 |
The Haunted House Association estimates that more than 2,000 haunted attractions operate in the U.S. each year. Since only a week has passed since Halloween, we ask this question, "If you sustain an injury inside of a haunted house, can the haunted house be held liable?" Our answer is "Most likely no, but it depends."..

Hunting Accidents

29 October 2013 |
In Missouri, our residents love to hunt and enjoy nature. But just as there could be many dangers inside your home (such as defective products), there are many hazards awaiting you in the great outdoors...

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