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As leaders in St. Louis personal injury law, we feel compelled to keep you informed about high profile cases, best practices in injury law and our firm. Turn to us for safety tips, legal system advice and more—everything you need to feel empowered to make decisions about choosing an attorney.

Truck Driver Logs

27 June 2014 |
CATEGORIES: Vehicle Safety
Federal regulations demand that all truck drivers maintain a log recording their activities, a record of cargo and a record of proper truck maintenance. Logs are inspected to ensure that drivers are taking proper rest periods to avoid tired driving and to make sure that the truck is being kept in safe working order...

Chicago Hospitals

27 June 2014 |
The St. Louis medical malpractice attorneys at Goldblatt Singer offer representation to clients throughout the state of Missouri and Illinois. Some of the most prominent hospitals in Illinois are located in Chicago, and we've listed some of those below...

St. Louis Hospitals

27 June 2014 |
When doctors, nurses and others fail to administer the proper care and procedures, patients can suffer. That is where our St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers can step in. If you were injured because of a doctor's negligence at any of the hospitals listed below, or one that does not appear on this list, please do not hesitate to contact our firm for a free evaluation of your case today. ..

Personal Injury Law FAQ

23 June 2014 |
At Goldblatt Singer, we recognize that you will have many questions about filing a personal injury claim. Most people have never dealt with anything like this and don’t have the necessary experience to truly understand what they are getting into. So we have compiled the following list to help answer some of the most commonly asked personal injury law questions. Take a look below, and if you have any additional questions about your situation, call us today...

What is Product Liability?

20 June 2014 |
You should be free from danger and harm when properly using any consumer product. However, if a company puts a dangerous product on the market that has a critical design flaw, users can suffer serious injuries through no fault of their own. In the United States, those who sell consumer products such as manufacturers, designers, retailers and wholesalers are legally responsible for making sure their products are safe to use...

Defining "Damages" in Car Accidents

16 June 2014 |
Car accidents can be extremely serious events that can result in neck injuries, back injuries, burns, spinal cord damage, head injuries, brain damage, internal injuries, broken bones and amputations. You may be unable to work for an extended time while you recover from your injuries, and you may also incur exorbitant medical bills and other injury-related expenses. This can lead to significant financial hardships that cause immense stress at a time when you should be concentrating on getting well...
herbert smulls1

What Will Happen to Convicted Murderer Herbert Smulls?

28 January 2014 |
CATEGORIES: Personal Injury
Herbert Smulls of St. Louis has an appointment to die on 12:01am Wednesday for murdering another St. Louis man back in 1991. Smulls' attorneys, however, aren't giving up without a fight. They contend that the drug Missouri uses for their executions is "concerning."..

What is Auto Product Liability?

27 January 2014 |
Auto product liability refers to a legal burden held by car manufactures. In short, car manufacturers are responsible to create safe vehicles and automotive components. If a car is innately flawed, the manufacturer could be held responsible for any accidents and injuries caused by the defect...

Car Accident Lawsuits: What Can I Recover?

27 January 2014 |
CATEGORIES: Car Accidents
If you suffered injuries in a car accident caused by negligent or reckless actions of another, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. A St. Louis car accident attorney can review your case and discuss the procedures for filing an injury compensation claim. The types of recoverable monetary damages can include:..

Mallinckrodt Elementary in St. Louis Evacuated for Carbon Monoxide

13 January 2014 |
CATEGORIES: Personal Injury
Mallinckrodt Elementary in South St. Louis was evacuated today after traces of carbon monoxide were detected. According to the St. Louis public school system, water had accumulated in the basement of the school building due to the melting snow. Maintenance workers were using generators to siphon the water out of the basement, and the running generators is what caused the carbon monoxide...

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